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Cornwall a-book is an augmented book app that is working with the worlds first augmented travel guidebook Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly. An augmented book or a-book is a printed book that has been enhanced in a standardised way with additional content that you can view or listen to while reading.
Cornwall a-book is not a production ready app, it is an experimental demo app as part of an exciting research project Next Generation Paper, led by academics at the University of Surrey, UK. You can find more information about this project from www.nextgenerationpaper.info
Cornwall a-book allows you to access additional augmented content by identifying which page you are reading via visual recognition, voice recognition, and/or manual page entry. The app will let you choose what content from that page you would like to interact with. It is clever, user friendly, and free of charge. A simple printable user manual is available at: https://sites.google.com/view/a-book-cornwall/home/user-manual
* Please note: this app will automatically download a file with size over 500 MB when it launches the first time. It is recommended to do this via WiFi connection. Please make sure you have at least 1.2 GB space available on your device.
* Please note this app will send images and sounds to third parties for visual recognition and voice recognition services, if you do not agree with this, or you do not want images and voices sent to third parties, please do not use visual recognition and voice recognition services in the app, alternatively use manual page entry mode.
Travel guidebook Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly can be purchased from https://www.bradtguides.com/cornwall-the-isles-of-scilly-slow-travel.html

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