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With the development of science, especially the development of modern archaeology, paleoanthropology and geology, the mystery of the formation of the earth has been revealed.

Ten thousand years ago, humans entered the Neolithic age. After entering the Holocene, the earth's temperature gradually warmed, and humans gradually moved out of the mountains and into the plains.

In order to adapt to the new environment, people chose to live close to the water, built houses, invented pottery, appeared primitive agriculture, and began to settle down.
With the popularization of grinding and drilling technology, the production of various stone tools tends to be standardized and finalized, which is more suitable for various USES.

Human beings live and work in peace and contentment, and the tribes rise up rapidly. They fight for the natural wealth such as land, rivers and mountains, and even fight for marriage and ethnic revenge, which turns into primitive wars.

"Ancient" in ancient times of conflict as the background, use the built in stone turrets to defend their territory, game players have to fight against it is not only the other tribes of humans, there are all kinds of stone weapons, such as bow and arrow, catapult, and even a beast mammoth invasion, so gather food resources, upgrade the tribal walls, turret, and special skill is the only way to survive a crisis using rolling skill can cause a lot of damage to enemy, let the enemy fall before the walls of his.

What could be more passionate than defending a home.

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