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This game is a kind of single player game that can be played as a percentage horoscope.

The method of the game is for it to be in the lower part of the center of your cards. To the right and left of this category is the position of the cards where you have no space to place. The difference between left and right is that only 6 cards are placed on the left.

There are 9 fields in the upper reefs. In the corners, 7 cards are placed first and added to the king card. When they reach the king card, they end and no more cards are put on the king card. It is placed in the middle of the card 6 and reduced to 1. After reaching 1 we can use the 6 card again (from the main category or the 6 to the left of the main category). Only in other places A card is placed and brought to the right place as quickly as possible.
In this game only the order of the card numbers is important and the type of card (coriander, heart, courier, clay) does not matter.
When he first installs the program, he will give you 5 coins as a gift and with his help you can activate the magic of movement.
Every time you win the game you will be given a coin that you can use later in the program.
The first time you play, the program will guide you, and next time you need help, click the menu button ? Choose

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