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CALL MASTER Receiver is a software application which can be used in the health, marine, building, transport and tourism industries, public services, education, social and public life.
Receiver provides accurate information of the location of the person in action.
Your iPhone has to be registered with CallMaster server running on the web or on the local computer connected to the Internet.
Call Master server during registration process will automatically generate a unique ID receiver serial number and together with a unique server ID number must be incorporated into your receivers application settings .
When you push CallMaster Transmitter (Service) a message will appear on the Call Master server and server will send this message to any mobile phone with the CallMaster receiver application, registered with CallMaster server running on the web or local computer.
Green reassurance lights on your receiver application will indicate that you are connected to the server.
When you activate CallMaster transmitter, your CallMaster receiver will get the message John Smith Service showing the date and time when the message was sent, as well as accurate location where the message was sent from, shown on the map of your iPhone
Message is prompted with unique loudspeaker sound.
If somebody else activates SERVICE call, you will receive the message Ana Maria Service as long as her phone and your phone are registered with the Call Master server. Red reassurance light on your receiver indicates that you are out of coverage.

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