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Always wanted to be the magician? Now with ZABUZA MAGIC app you can fulfill your childhood dream!
Perform some really mind freaking magic tricks actually by using your phone. No need to buy any device/material/equipment. You can do all the magic tricks from your regular android phone.

There are hundreds of so called magic apps when you search for magic on app store however, most of them are informative app.
ZABUZA MAGIC uses the phones' special capabilities and help you perform actual magic trick using your phone.

This is a set of 7 magic tricks!

Here are the details of the magic apps that you can use with ZABUZA MAGIC

1. Bulb Magic Trick - Ask your spectator which bulb he wants to light out of three. Perform the magic, and bingo, the third bulb actually gets lighted.

2. Card Magic Trick - Ask spectator to take any card in mind, do the trick & bingo! Do I need to say anything more?

3. Number Magic Trick - Guess the number user has in her mind.

4. Candle Magic Trick - Ask spectator which candle she wants to put off. Then ask her to blow into the mic. Magically, that candle would then be put off.

5. Mind Freak Magic - Ask your spectator to choose from any of these four shapes (square, triangle, circle & star). Do the trick, put down the phone. When she picks up with phone she would see that shape drawn on the device.

6. Bubble Burst Trick - 4 bubbles. 1 choice. Clap and that bubble would burst.

7. Balloon Fly Trick - Ask user to select any one balloon, then ask her to blow into the mic, that balloon would fly away.

You can check out the demo & instruction videos in the app.

If you want to start off the conversation with the girl sitting across the table in a cafe, this is the perfect app to initiate the talk. Showing off any of these tricks is probably the best opening lines ever.

These are also great party tricks. You can be the party rocker by dazzling everyone with showing off these party tricks.

If you are a shy person, this is a must have for you. Show off these tricks, you'll gain confidence to talk with more and more strangers.

If your friend is sad, cheer her up by showing these magic tricks.

There are so many incidences where you can use these tricks, the list is endless.

Remember, great magicians do their homework before showing off their tricks. So be sure to practice first.

If you have any issues/questions, we are just a mail away. Write us at magic@zabuzalabs.com

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