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This is a small free android app to display your collection of discs from your DVDP personal exported XML file.

The main reason to create the app has been to allow you to carry your own data when you haven't got a computer nearby and need access to your collection info. Having it on your phone is really handy, and it doesn't even require an active internet connection to achieve it.

The app has evolved from a much smaller one, which only imported the title and no much more for each disc. It answered a very simple question to my friend Falquian: Do I already have this disc on my collection or I can buy it without calling it a duplicate? It was very fast, and worked ok.

The new app is much better than the previous one, with cover thumbnails, information about the format (DVD, HD-DVD and Blu Ray) and tabbed folders with additional information (general info, cast & crew, overview, easter eggs, purchase date and place, loan status, etc.) It allows you to search, filter and sort your data in some very convenient ways. It even allows you to select a disc by scanning its UPC barcode. It is still really fast, compromising some of the speed by the new features it provides.

The syncing with the local database on your pc is managed by a Windows Updater, which you can download from http://goo.gl/KFnahT

The updater needs to know the location of your exported XML file, your database folder (to get the cover images) and how much cast & crew info you want to import (it has a direct impact on the performance of the app, don't import every cast info unless you really need to). Please check that no firewall prevents the connection on port 15381/tcp.

On the phone side, connect to the same wifi network than your computer. In Settings, type the IP of your computer, allow (or not) the download of cover images, and select Update. In a few seconds you'll have your collection synced to your device, ready for you to query.

The Android App is compatible to Android versions from 2.2 upwards, and requires a SDCard to store its data. The Windows Updater needs .NET 2.0, so pretty much all the way to Windows XP and up is covered.

Both the app and the updater have their interfaces translated into Spanish, French and German, if you happen to use these languages instead of English. New translators are welcomed!

If you need support or have any suggestion to improve the app, please write to android@yterbia.com

And now, all the disclaimers...

This app is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. The app and its data files are for your personal use only. No commercial use allowed, please.

The Windows updater uses the ADO.NET 2.0/3.5 SQLite Data Provider Version written by Robert Simpson (robert@blackcastlesoft.com), gracefully released to the public domain by him. Thank you, Robert!

Thank you, Mithi, for generously donating the license of DVDP which has been really useful to improve the quality of the app.


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