DIY Easy Origami Tutorial

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What better way to learn paper folding than by downloading an origami tutorial in this app? You don't have to pore over boring paragraphs or decipher instructions. All you have to do is sit back as a good application manual like Easy Origami Tutorial show you how to fold the most popular designs step by step.

Origami instructions
Learn how to make origami craft and impress your friends, or start your own paper folding art collection. Create paper crafts and get your creative juices flowing and use what you learn to create your impressive origami paper projects.

Origami for kids step by step
Kids get bored once in awhile, well here are some crafts tutorial to getting over it. Boredom shouldn't be something they have to endure in this day in age and now they don't have to.

Origami crane
The origami crane is one of the more basic origami projects that you can undertake, it is not only simple, and it also has a long and beautiful history to it. Out of all the different pieces of art that are made today with paper, it seems that the simple crane is still very popular and very close to the heart of the people.

Origami flowers
Know why learning how to make origami flowers has greatly enhanced my life and seen me through a very devastating time in my life and why this beautiful and intriguing art can do the same for you. Discover how making paper origami flowers is a rewarding skill to master or even to do as just a pass time.

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