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Introduction of Memoga
You can manage all of these following things like system notebook: hand-lettered notepad, sound recording, schedule book, a household account book, health record book, checklist, dialy, tag paper, To Do list, web screen recording, and so on.

There are 8 functions below in the application Memoga.

Notepad Function
This function enables you to write notes where inputs by hand and typing are mixed.
It is possible to paste also images and plural sounds.
You can insert some buttons into notes, and you can start up the applications that are correspondent to the buttons.Since the applications are started up with using designated letters'rows behind the buttons, it will be convenient if you write the address and contact.
It is possible to share notes with other by email, Evernote, Google Drive and other.
You can save notepads with dividing into plural categories every use.
You can make and edit ToDo list of Google.
You can inform contents you write on your notes at the time you designate.
You can preserve your notes with setting password you like.
You can paste your notes in the notification area.
You can make as many notes as you want if there is any capacity in your SD card.

You can save webpages which are opened by standard browsers as screen notes.
(From the menu of the browser, save the page by selecting [share...] [Memoga])
Notes are saved by image and text, and you can manage and edit them which are integrated with notepad function.

You can write your schedule with using input by hand and typing.
On schedule items, you can paste images and sounds.
You can register and browse your schedules by synchronizing with Google calender.
You can register and correct also your ToDo list of Google together.
You can manage your schedule in some display styles.

Household account book
It is possible to record daily income and outgoings freely.
It is possible to manage prediction achievement by setting monthly estimates per item.
It is possible to analyze per item or payment kind.
Since you can send recorded information to email address, Evernote, Google Drive, and so on, you can manipulate by Google document and Excel.

Health record book
You can record your daily weight, temperature, and blood pressure freely.
It is possible to check the difference between your present weight and goal one and the change of your intermittent temperatures by graph.
Since you can send recorded information to email address, Evernote, Google Drive, and so on, you can manipulate by Google document and Excel.

This function helps you to check and record items that you want to make habits or check in your daily life not to forget them.
It is possible to record items with optional signs and colors.
There are check-type, numerical-type, choice-type, and timetable-type, and you can select all types according to contents.
It is possible to have a look at contents recorded in numerical-type and timetable-type by annual graph.

You can record your daily events with photos by hand easily.
It is convenient to select some precious photos from ones you took on the day and paste them or to paste photos into your schedule list.
You can record also your conditions, earnings and expenses, and check items on the day.

Sticky notes
It is possible to paste many hand-lettered notes and photos as widgets on the home screen.
You can manage and edit sticky notes with integrated with notepad function.
It is possible to share sticky notes with other fellows by email, Evernote, and so on like notepad function or to inform at the designated time.

When there are any improvement requests or problems, please inform me by sending an email to memoga.2011@gmail.com.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Since I always answer your email, please set the function for you to be able to receive my answer from memoga.2011@gmail.com.

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