Gloworld: The Marbles game

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A fun puzzle game with variety of levels. It requires a good aim and smart moves to get high ranks. Enjoy your play with fun and logic!

Game Mechanics
Gloworld revolves around the concept of Game of Marbles, an ancient game. Marbles game has been played in many ways throughout the history. In this game, the marbles game is revitalized by mixing various elements of today's world.

- The Concept
"Drag & Throw, let go before the line. Bounce of the walls to rank higher"

- Stealth mix
The level 'surveillance Camera' is a stealth mission. You need to dodge the Camera in order to beat the level. No score, if you get caught by the Camera.

- Basket ball mix
The level 'Pointer only' requires you to aim for the basket rather hitting the ball directly. To put the ball in a basket from a distance is very rewarding and if you bounce off the walls along, more excitement.

- Teleportation mix
Moving from one place to another in a blink of an eye. Mixing teleportation with Marbles game in "Teleporto".

- Cricket and Baseball mix
The feeling of hitting a ball with a bat is love. If your a Cricket or Baseball lover then make your way to the top by hitting the marbles ball in all direction. "Improvise"

- Mixing Snooker with Marbles Game
Have a snooker table in your pocket and experiment and invent shots by going to the "Extras" in the Main Menu. No rules, Enjoy the Slam!

*********** DEVELOPER'S NOTE FOR THE PLAYERS ***********

"I have been playing video games from a very young age and I have seen the evolution of Console games closely. Few years back I had this desire to play a game on my phone that is fun to play and doesn't engage me so much that I forget to do my everyday tasks. So I came up with this game idea that is fun and innovative. You will not be disappointed after installing this game.

Thanks for reading this !!! "

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