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Diabetes - Cures from Siddha

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This is a book in Tamil language. The software is also in Tamil. However, we have made an appeal to our users to extend help to people who are not conversant with Tamil by translating and also in procuring the medicines from Tamilnadu. Hope there is compassion and people help others to overcome diabetes.

About the book:
King Sarabeindra spent his life time in the study of science and medicine. He collected reputed medical practitioners from all over the world in addition to Siddha and Ayurved practitioners. He compiled 18 books on treatment of various diseases. All these books contained prescriptions tested in his 'Dhanvatri Mahal' research centre.

These books were written in the form of poems by poets under him and saved palm leaf manuscripts. Govt. of Tamilnadu formed teams and printed these manuscripts in the fifties.

The software has reproduced the printed version. But, about 110 pages are missing towards the end. However, what is available is sufficient for effecting cures for diabetes.

We hope that this helps the almost 10% of the Indians and others outside the country in curing the dreaded disease.

Best wishes.

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