Cyber soldier — online/offline shooter.

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You are in the world of the future! But it turns out that everything is not so good there, because even though it is a distant future, but there are still constant battles for superiority.

States are beginning to colonize various distant planets, and are already beginning to fight, everyone wants to grab more of the new earth, everyone is interested in this. Although not everyone has the same goal...

And You have to participate in this time, and it will be a fascinating pastime, as you are provided with:
Original, new gameplay,
Ability to play with friends,
Single player game can play offline,
Different locations for matches,
Characters with distinctive skills, abilities,
Lots of weapons,
Nice, stylized graphics,
And something else, yeah.

Play together with your friends in PVP mode, complete quests, play offline without the Internet.

The game has cloud saves, achievements, leaderboards...

High replayability, you can play as you wish, as the game has many variations of tactics and ways of playing.

The app will be improved and updated, so we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions. Thank you for downloading our great app :'

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