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Paperless Print Cloud is a new app, which uses our Service module to securely print from your computer, direct to a tablet anywhere. The tablet might be right there, or across the ocean. Then, once the "paperless document" is marked up and signed to your satisfaction, you click 'Save' and it is automatically saved right back to your Windows Server share! Without any intervention.

No printer, paper, toner, maintenance, handling, scanning, filing, disposal. Great for you, the environment and your costs! It is very simple to use.

Paperless Print Cloud is ideal for business like secure Hotel Reception, Real Estate offices, Insurance, Finance, Banking office and sales staff who need to have random documents "printed" marked up and signed right now, right there at the customer's site.

You could simply call the office, they print you a document, it appears right there on the tablet, and the user can fill in the paperwork and sign right there. No driving back to the office, no fooling around with template systems, it is just a straight print job, but instead of printing onto paper, it goes direct to the tablet.

Or use it locally at a secure hotel reception on a secure hotel network. You print from your console, the print job appears on the tablet and the customer signs. It is filed automatically. Yes, automatically!

This app will run fine on an iPhone, but is designed for larger screens.

Will save multipage TIFF on the server. The Service Module comes with 250 pages and is available from healthysign.com.au.

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