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There are so many things you can do with your hair to look marvelous, but if you are a princess you must have your hair arranged all the time. Come and play this princess game where you are going to help out a girl to renew her hairstyle with a total makeover. You should from the beginning that there will be four main steps that will get you to the final and wanted result. Before you can do any changes to the princess's hair you have to take good care of. In this phase, you are about to clean her hair with special products that will make it luminously and smoother. Apply some conditioner as well, then wash it so you can cut the split ends. Remove the unwanted hair and make her look fresh. Now that you know how to nurse her hair you can move into the braiding part. Choose from the multiple styles this game provides and try to do as it says. Step by step, strand by strand, you will learn how to have a braided hairstyle with cute details. You can also choose the color of your headdress. Combine the hair dye and get some rainbow colors to revive the princess look. Mix the dye tubes and get the color in her strands. Use as many colors as you like and try to make something different. Now that her hairstyle is improved you can work on the outfit part. Here you will highlight her new hairstyle by changing the way she dresses up. Put on a beautiful princess dress and customize a pair of colorful shoes to it. Don't forget about the accessories because it will make her spark. Try multiple outfits and find the one that fits her better.

This hairstyle game has multiple great features to show:
- Free to play
- Easy control of the game
- Great color to use and diverse headdresses to create
- Learn how a braided look is done
- Cool graphics and nice music
- Become a master in dyeing hair
- Help out a princess to rediscover her personal style
- New opportunity to try your hairstylist skills
- Pretty dresses to try on and beautiful accessories to add

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