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About MBA :
Want to know the latest developments in the main B2B vendors anytime?
MBA (Mobile Business Application) is a platform of integrates B2B vendors of information integration, such as Manufacturing, Business, Distributors, Exporter, Trader, Commerce, OEM, ODM, Seek Agents, Makeretc, help your vendor APP integration in the MBA, instantly download, let the MBA become your exclusive action Business Broker.

Function of MBA :
Various of Manufacturing, Business of Mobile business exposure platform.
The Classification by industry category, information is clear and fast.
The vendors APP is not required to download, just click to watch.
You can choose your favorite application and download it.

Mobile business, the life is full of business opportunities.
According to the KPCB Internet Trend Report analysis, the average time for users to use mobile devices is 2.8 hours per day; digital devices with mobile devices over 5.6 hours, beyond the desktop and laptop. Until 2021, the phone is still the main role of mobile networking devices, will also an important platform for information details and convergence, in the next 10 years, the speed of Internet changes will be faster, subversion of our awareness, to break our Common Sense, ubiquitous physical video sharing, virtual + reality will become a reality, watches, glasses, shoes, bicycles and other personal items, urban parking spaces, advertising, street lighting and other infrastructure will be integrated into one, the factory transshipment, transportation, robots will be connected to the mobile network, from information automation to intelligent chemical factory, the most convenient use of tools are still phone, so the APP will be the mainstream market.

About MBA:
MBA (Mobile Business Application) is Winho Tech Co., LTD especial for Manufacturing, Exporter, OEM, ODM, Seek Agents, Traders design APP, to provide the most convenient, the Best prices, the faster into the initiative of mobile opportunity and give the enterprises to provide the necessary business functions, can be published Commerce latest information for anytime, so that buyers can immediately get the latest information and master the product opportunities, MBA and has off-line function to solve regional problems (such as network-free exhibition venue / more backward countries), The biggest mission is: let it become a full-featured, easy to get started business marketing mystery that is this APP mission of Winho

Enterprise MBA v.s Customized APP:
MBA is different to customized APP, it can help save price of software development, and can help Enterprise to allow enterprises to complete the APP and open the opportunity to open in the shortest time, Winho carefully planned more enterprise needs, such as: inquiry system, member functions, video and product catalog offline use, fast community link, custom push...etc, you can choose you want to use in accordance with different Commerce requirements such as Distributors, Seek Agents, Business, Exporter, OEM, ODM.
Another, we have professional designer team, for you to build brand image: APP color configuration, icon production, store theme... let you quickly get started! Many companies will worry about the official website response (RWD), mobile Web site, enterprise APP is difficult. Dont worry, Winho provide you with the synchronization system, let the website and APP can get on one time.

Function of Enterprise MBA:
Homepage, Company Profile, Map, News, Product Introduction, E-catalog, Video, Contact Us, Message Push, Custom Push, Download, Message, Inquiry, Member Function, Online Service, Language Selection, Personal Collection, Data Synchronization, Support Dual Platform, Member Limit to View.

As a member of the B2B industry, whether you are Business, Manufacturing, Trader or Maker, now join the MBA, let it be your best action Business Broker!

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