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Staff Paper is a notebook style utility application designed for musicians by musicians.

We are very excited to bring you the very first ever version of Staff Paper. Staff Paper is at the moment primarily designed for use with tablets that have active pen capabilities. Capacitive styli will work with the current method of input and pan/zoom features as well.

While Staff Paper was not designed to work with finger input due to a lack of precision when inputting the notes, it is also possible to use your finger as the input device to write sheet or tablature music.

To improve Staff Paper, we welcome and encourage submitting any feedback you may have about the application. We are looking forward to your comments, questions and thoughts about Staff Paper.

Feedback can be submitted via the app or by writing to:

We are currently working on Staff Paper to improve its usefulness, user experience and aesthetic to bring to you the best application for you to write, score and compose sheet and tablature music. Soon we will be finishing development on the following features:

Tabs to have open multiple projects at the same time.

Direct sharing of files from within the application to other users.

Improved pan/zoom and writing features.

Collaborator mode where multiple people can be working on the file at the same time.

Cloud storage of projects to allow users access to their work from any device.

Audio Recording Feature to have real audio recorded along with sheet music.

Lasso tool to allow for copying and pasting of tabs/notes.


Different colored backgrounds.

SVG paperand more!

If this application is useful to you, please consider making a donation to help support the development of Staff Paper in order to bring you the best writing and collaboration experience ever.

Please send donations to:

Thank you very much for your support!


Your Staff Paper Team.

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