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***Notice: This app is for Fishing Tournament Directors. It is not needed for competing anglers whose Tournament Director uses Weighfish.***

The Weighfish TD app is a fishing tournament manager for Tournament Directors use. The Weighfish TD app allows directors to easily record and track everything you need to right at the weigh-in. No more writing by hand or using complicated payout spreadsheets is necessary. You can host your own fishing tournaments or manage your fishing clubs tournaments. This app works alongside the website where the Tournament results will be immediately visible to anyone that wants to see.

Weighfish tracks Tournaments created as a part of a Tournament Series. A Tournament Director first creates a Series, then adds upcoming tournaments to that Series. On Tournament day, simply enter the anglers as they sign up. At the weigh-in, enter their number of fish, fish alive, big fish, and total net weight. Weighfish will automatically calculate their place in the tournament. If the Tournament Director chooses, Weighfish can also determine the Tournament payouts so that doesnt all have to be figured out by hand after the Tournament is completed. Old tournaments can also be added in the app for history.

The Weighfish App can be used where there is cell service and where there is not. Tournament results entered while the App does not have access to cellular data or Wi-Fi will be uploaded after the App is opened when cell service is better.

Here is a quick rundown of how a Fishing Tournament Director would expect to use the App.
1.\tDownload the App
2.\tCreate an account
3.\tLog into the App
4.\tCreate a Tournament Series
5.\tCreate a Tournament in that Series
6.\tEnable Auto-Payouts (and any other features you want) for the Tournament
7.\tOn Tournament morning, as fishermen come to register and pay their entry fee, enter their names in the Tournament (without any weights at this point).
8.\tAfter everyone has registered, view the final payouts on the Tournament Stats page of that tournament. Use that information to divide the entry fee money into the prizes to be paid out.
9.\tDuring the Tournament weigh-in, as Anglers weigh their fish, enter their results in the App.
10.\tAfter weigh-in has concluded, click Auto-Score Results to calculate the winners. Present money/checks/prizes based on the results.
11. All the results are immediately shown on the corresponding Tournament page

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