Yoga Asanas for 39+ diseases prevention

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Yoga poses +39 diseases prevention app contains easy to understand explanation of the numerous asanas with benefits viz:- Weight loss, a strong and flexible body, glowing beautiful skin, peaceful mind, good health and disease prevention whatever you may be looking for, yoga has it on offer.

Just incorporate it in your training regime.
1. To reduce diabetes: practice: Bhujanga asanam,
Dhanurasanam, Salabhasanam, Nadi sodhana
2. To prevent heart attack/cardiac arrest: Artha pavana
mukthasanam, Vakrasanam, Thadasanam
3. To reduce obesity: surya namaskaram, Ushtasanam,
pada hasthasanam, sarvanga sanam.
4. reduce Cholestrol: bhujanga sanam, salabha sanam,
surya namaskaram, Artha matlsya sanam
5. To reduce Blood pressure: Bhujanga sanam, Parswa
thrikonasanam, Paschima uthasanam
6. To reduce hyper tension: sasa sanam, meludhenda
sanam, Bhujanga sanam, dhanursanam, Yoga
7. Vrukshasana and Pranayama have proven efficacy in
children to improve their memory and concentration while
appearing in exam.
8. Most of the diseases can be controlled by practicing
various types of pranayamas, yogasanams etc.

Yoga is a technique for controlling body and mind. Every poses contains simple and easy to understand explanation, with benefits and, Sanskrit yoga names.Choose proper time and place for yoga where you can get peace - like early morning is the best time.

With Metronome for PRANAYAMA and Sanskrit Terms and meanings, here is the best, free Yoga Asanas Yoga Poses App. With metronome to time your breathing.to be updated shortly.to suite more yogic breathing exercises.

Meditation music to keep calm!

This free yoga app is helpful for:

* Beginners Poses yoga exercises and yoga moves
* Intermediate Poses hatha yoga poses, yoga positions
* Advanced Poses - advanced types of yoga and yoga workouts

YOGA POSES YOGA FOR 39+ disease prevention:

* Poses To Help You Sleep
* Poses for Fitness
* Poses for Back Pain
* Poses to Help Relieve Constipation
* Poses for Stress Release
* Poses to Increase Overall Strength
* Poses to Increase Abdominal Strength
* Poses to Increase Balance
* Poses for Slim Waist
* Poses for Weight Loss
* Poses for Pregnant Woman
* Poses for Glowing Skin
* Poses for Diabetes
* Poses for Blood Pressure
* Poses for Weight Gain
* Poses for Height
* Poses for Heart

#Yoga poses help to lose weight, yoga poses, yoga exercises to get relaxed and relieve stress. Pranayama yoga help breathing

This Yoga Asanas app that facilitates the most convenient home exercises, not only nourishes your health but also spares you all the tiresome workouts and help you achieve fitness goals with yoga studio on the go.
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# Yoga Asanas for 39+ diseases prevention app has In app purchases for ads removal and advanced poses.

#More than 102+ yoga poses and stretching exercises

# Over 102 poses with detailed information
# Learn individual yoga poses, yoga exercises flexible joint
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# Also as before here we have a searchable list with meanings of Sanskrit terms and their English equivalents of asanas and also philosophy.

This app aims at giving English equivalents to those Sanskrit terms. Once English speaking practitioners can understand the meaning of the Sanskrit terms it will help them to do the yoga asanas with a clarity of mind,
# Also included the daily updated regular news-feed of 'Yoga First Asanas Daily' on world yogic matters.

* We provide trustworthy contents originally designed by our great yoga gurus Mr Rajmohan Mr Ramesh of unmatched experience, with yoga schools all over the world.

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