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Macaron, (pronounced mack-a-ROHN) is a French-based dumpling meringue made from almond flour, egg white and powdered sugar or icing sugar. Macarons are rounded and stacked like sandwiches with sweet stuffing like jam, buttercream or ganache. The outside texture is crisp and soft inside. The look is attractive with cute colors adorable.

Macaroon, (pronounced mack-a-ROON) is a pastry originally from Italy. In contrast to macarons, macarons are not made from almond flour but are made of egg white, sugar, and dry coconut so it tastes like a coconut.

Everyone also does not just have one theme from every mobile phone, there will be a sense of boredom for this theme, therefore everyone has some backup wallpapers for his cell phone.

You can find various Wallpapers for fans in this app for free.

Features of this app

- Image size can be enlarged
- High picture quality
- Wallpaper can be used off-line
- Send wallpapers via SMS (TXT) and MMS
- Can share with your friends
- Wallpaper is turned on regularly
- There are more than 100 wallpaper images
- Interesting appearance
- lightweight application size
- latest photo collection

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