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Technological advances have made human lives simpler. Office Bell is an application that simplifies the activities between an employee and an office assistant at workplace through a mobile application. As smartphones are common these days, the application is installed at two ends the employee and the office assistant. The employee passes instructions to the office assistant through the application who carries out the given instructions.

The office assistants job is to help the employee in his work by carrying out tasks like fetching files, bringing coffee, turning on the air conditioner etc. In general, instructions are passed verbally, the assistant is called either by ringing the bell or approaching him in person. Office Bell automates the entire process reducing time, effort and maintenance of hardware like a bell or a ringing system. You have to just log on to the application, send a notification to your assistant with the specific instruction who shall carry out the given task.

This application is available for your company if you want to take advantage of its easy to use the feature and low maintenance cost. Also, no personal information of users is needed as the application uses the official mobile number provided by your company, thus respecting the privacy of your employee. Office Bell is an amazing application for taking care of such official activities in so simple ways.

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