Zombi Shooter - Apocalypse Resistance

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Features Released:
- One-handed easy gameplay.
- Completely free gameplay. ( No payment. )
- Power save option in the settings menu. ( So we do not drain your battery like hell. )
- Start with a rusty 9mm for newbies. ( You'll manage. We hope... )
- Dream quality weapons.
- Powerful weapon upgrades!
- Lots of characters to play with. Each with different passive ability.
- Game-changing upgrades for the characters!
- Lots of items in the store. ( So you can speed up your progress if you wish. )
- A random sidekick stays beside you & shot zombies.
- Two different support drones that shoot the zombies on sight!
- Berserk boost drop. ( Faster firing & reloading. Increased critical hit chance )
- Reflex boost drop. ( Slow-mo + infinite weapon clip )
- Health boost drop. ( Heal your character & sidekick )
- The Reaper support-ability. ( Smash a group of zombies with a post-apocalyptic vehicle. )
- The Mortar support-ability. ( Unleash an arsenal of rockets upon the zombies
- Three different evacuation vehicles for the support-ability. ( Leave the zone in one piece with all the loot you collected )
- Weekly random events: No reloading, Large magazines, Fast shooting, Double damage, Double accuracy, Double critical hit chance, Mega zombies, Fast zombies, More zombies, Double loots, Double boosts, Double boost duration & countless others.

Features In Progress:
- Energy weapons.
- New enemies.
- Boss fights.
- New boost drops.
- New support abilities.
- New maps.
- New game modes.
- Game statistics.
- Co-op gaming with friends.
- Global scoreboards.

How to play:
1- Dive into the zombie hordes.
2- Loot your kills.
3- The more you stay alive & the more you get.
4- Request an evacuation vehicle to finish the mission & secure your loot.
5- Do not die. If you die, you lose half of your loot. At least not all :)
6- Buy & upgrade your weapons.
7- Buy & upgrade your characters.
8- Buy support vehicle & drones.

The Short Story:
The dead are walking. We humanity refused to die off without putting a fight.
We set aside our differences, regrouped & resisted.
There are three simple rules in our society:
1. Do not die!
2. Neutralize as many zombies as you can.
3. The more you kill, the more game cards you get. ( Yea we use the game cards as a currency )
Which means weapons, mercenaries & upgrades.

The Story:
At the beginning of the 21st-century humanity decided to cheat the death. Micro-organisms, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, you name it. We tried everything to prevent the natural cause of death. Every single economically stable country had multiple research teams working on it! It was a race to the immortality.

Well, the problem is someone did it. We don't know who or why but someone found a way to keep the humans alive. Intentional or not, released it on the air. The natural cause of death became a history.

But there is a catch. More than %80 of the population got affected by this whatever in a matter of days. They lost their humanity & became mindless zombies. They don't talk nor show any sign of intelligence. They are just looking for the fresh meat instinctively, which is plenty in alive humans.
All of the movies & jokes about them become reality.

It's been five years now! We got very few scientists in isolated areas looking for a cure or a way the neutralize the zombies. The rest of us who are immune to this effect regroup & created small resistance pockets. We get out of our resistance camp daily & gather resources, clear the nearby area, anything to stay alive. We call ourselves the hunters.

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