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Run this app named V3 Pizza Admin or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Download the app on your Android smartphone or tablet and start managing your orders from your website or from the app.

It makes your life easy to manage your order processing. App will notify new order and you can set the delivery time. With one tap on button you can print receipt and send delivery time to customer. So, you customer will be always notified and the food delivery. Hence you can build the trust.

V3maxtech.com helps restaurant and pizzeria owners to manage their day to day online activities easy.

How it works?
Constant https://v3maxtech.com/contact-us.php
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*Download the app on your Android smartphone
*Take it easy - when new order comes you will get alert and just delivery the food to customer.
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Questions regarding the status of your order?
Send us an email to: info@v3maxtech.com or call +358 504873519.

Run or download V3 Pizza Admin using our android online emulator from ApkOnline.net