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The GA telematics app is for young drivers to give feedback on their driving, show their journeys and score (rate) how they drive. Drivers can prove that they drive safely and influence their premium when their General Accident insurance renews
When you purchase a General Accident Telematics policy Vodafone will fit a telematics device to your car which will record all journeys made in that car. For each journey youll be awarded a score based on behaviors and skills demonstrated such as:

Smooth driving
Time of day

You can use the scores and additional data shown in your app to help you improve your safety over time.
Well give you a discount on your General Accident insurance for taking out the policy and at renewal your premium will be based on how youve driven over the past 12 months. We reward safe driving, meaning safer drivers may pay less.
To access General Accident Telematics use the information received at the activation of the service and fit your vehicle with the General Accident telematics unit supplied.
All scoring attributed to the policy will be used to calculate your renewal premium with General Accident. If your device records what we deem to be unsafe driving then your policy may be cancelled. This also applies to anyone else who is driving your vehicle. This will be explained fully in your General Accident Telematics policy documents.
For more information, please contact generalaccident.telematics@vodafone.com

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