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Find my Car - Car locator - It is an easy way to locate your parked car!

All of us have asked ourselves these questions after parking our cars:
Where is my car? Where did I park it? How can I find it?

Questions. Are you tired of searching for your car? Do you keep forgetting where you parked
it? Would you like to have an easy solution?

Answer. With this simple car locator app, you will never have to search for your car again!

You surely know the following situation. Finally, you have found a parking space in a foreign or
familiar place. Later, after shopping, visiting or sightseeing, you forget exactly where you have
parked and have to search for your vehicle. It is annoying, right?

With this app, you do not have to worry again because this will not happen!
You will find the way back to your car with only One Click.

One click parking Save your parking location with one click!
One click finding Find your way back to your car with one click!

How does the car locator work?
After you have parked your car, press the Park Button to save your location.
When you want to return to your car, open the app and click Find Car.
The app will show the parking place, on the map, and lead you back to your vehicle! Sweet!

Additional functions:
- Parking meter
- Photo of the parking space
- Step-by-step navigation
- Parking history
- Favorites

Everything is included in the One Button Interface, for easy handling because it
shows your current location and your car location on the map!

It is very simple to use with the following steps

Save the parking place with a single tap on your phone.
- Find your car with a single tap.
- Set an alarm for metered parking!
- Step-by-step walkthrough navigation.
- Take a photo for details of the parking location!
- Parking history of your previous parking places.
- Favorites Mark your favorite places to find them again!

Explanation and Requirements:
- GPS is, of course, mandatory for this app.
- Access for the SD card is only needed to store the pictures you record in this app.
(We do not transfer anything else! We do not collect any personal data!)

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