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Asset Information - Manhole Report is designed to easily gather on-site information using your mobile device. Users are guided through data collection based on the STC25 Manhole Report Standard. Informative PDF reports are created and can be shared to the office, clients, your drive, or wherever you wish.

The user is guided through relevant details of the inspection methodically: User information (once only), followed by site/client information, followed by construction, dimensions, connectivity and condition information concerning the manhole and it's incoming and out going pipes. The node type, can also be an Inspection Chamber, Catch Pit, Oil Separator etc, but most information is entered quickly, from clear drop-down lists, or, with a single tap.

The manhole can be geo-located from the device location (Location permission required) and up to 4 photo's of the manhole can be added to the report (Camera access permission required). Condition is colour coded in the report and the information is exported as PDF to form a professional report for archive, evaluation, or sharing with clients. Also ideal for sharing onward with your renovation team, or attaching to your job management system.

App Features:

Easy flow of drop-down lists and check boxes of Industry Standard descriptions and terminology, as well as free text/number input.

Single touch geo-location of manhole attaining up to +/-1m accuracy

Simple inclusion and tagging of manhole pictures

Familiar swipe and scroll functions

Easy navigation through the form with it's main drop-down menu

Colour coded condition reporting for faster evaluation

All collected data is stored locally, generated to .pdf and uploaded when you regain an internet signal. This enables use of the app in remote locations, or where there is limited, or intermittent signal. The trade off for this, is that only 100 photo's can be processed (around 25 manholes) into a report PDF at any one time. Your information is safe and if required, larger projects would be broken into batches to form multiple PDF's. We are working to provide the app with an online account where technically, an infinite number of reports can be generated into a large project PDF, but mobile data, or WiFi would be required for this to work. Either way, we'll have both methods covered soon. Please register your interest with us to stay up to date.
Report information is also available as XML on a reasonably priced paid feature. This will enable mapping of your data to an existing database, or GIS with no additional effort.

Paid Feature:
Subscribe to the in-App (Paid) feature and generate all your report data in an XML format for seamless integration into your GIS. After a free trial period (seven days), unless you cancel, the app will be set for continued use of this feature. If you don't unsubscribe within the seven day period, your payment will be processed and charged and you can continue using this extremely useful feature. If you do decide to cancel your purchase, we would like to understand why and to hear your feedback through the contact link provided.

The PDF report feature will still be fully operational and your data will be preserved for as long as you have the App installed.

NB: Be warned, if you uninstall the App, all collected data will be lost. Please be sure to have generated your outstanding projects before performing the uninstall.

The publishers also provide WRc Approved CCTV survey reporting program - Viewline 550 and full MSCC5 conforming reporting application - Viewline Industry. We have a drawing application for Windows OS dedicated to drainage, with drag and drop construction features and arrowed lines colour coded for Surface Water, Foul, etc. We welcome any enquiries you might have about any of our products.

Thank you for looking and please feel free to contact us.

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