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The Equine Body Weight Calculator is the newest release by Vet Pro Online. Designed for both owners and veterinarians, this calculator will provide more accurate estimates of body weight required for administration of medication and monitoring of equine health. Body weight can be calculated not only for adult horses and ponies, but also DONKEYS (adult and juvenile), MINIATURE HORSES and THOROUGHBRED FOALS.

This application, designed by a veterinary large animal medicine specialist, uses research based formulas which are referenced within the App. Text descriptions and also images, are provided to enable the user to accurate gather the necessary measurements on each equine. Most commercial weight tapes are designed for adult thoroughbred horses and have margins of error of up to 50kg (positive or negative). Body weight of other breed types and ages are also not accurately estimated using these tapes. Measurements can be taken in both centimeters and inches for all bar one of the formulas, and weight given in kilograms or pounds.

DISCLAIMER: This App aims to provide the best weight estimate using formulas developed from equine research. Please see the descriptors at the bottom of the screen for the description of the source of the formula to determine if it can be correctly used for your scenario. The developers do not accept any liability for use of this App. For critical medical decisions, the use of weight scales should always be implemented.

Information for PC use: Equine Fluid Therapy can now be used on your PC. Go to www.bluestacks.com and download and install the free program BlueStacks. Once opened, go to the settings (bottom right corner) and add you Google Play Account details. The BlueStacks program will now sync all your previously purchased Apps onto your PC for use through this program. Instructions with screen snapshots will soon be added to the www.VetProOnline.com website if you need further instructions.

COMING SOON: Web based interactive version of both this APP and Equine Fluid Therapy Plus on www.VetProOnline.com. Great for those times when you are using a PC or non-android based device.

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