Magician Of The Numbers

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With this App you will show your friends that you are a real magician illusionist and that you can solve a complex problem in one try.

This App presents a grid full of squares. Your friend will decide how many squares should compose the grid. Each one will have a number in the reverse side, and these numbers will be disordered. Your friend will tell you which number contained in these squares wants you to find, and your goal is to find it in one try because you are a real magician illusionist.

For example, if your friend decides that the grid must be composed of 100 squares and want you to find the number 45, in the reverse side of each square will be a disordered number between 1 and 100. You must find the number 45 in one try if you are a real magician illusionist.

To discover the magic trick, you must read Help section in the app!

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