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MyStuffRental is the app that will change the way we think about owning stuff. We all have Stuff
in our garage our shops and our homes that we seldom use. Tools, outdoor gear, boats, campers, mountain bikes, ATVs, sporting goods, equipment large or small. You name it its there!
Those things are all needful and fun to have but we dont all have to own them and have to have a place to store it to enjoy using them occasionally.
MyStuffRental will make it so easy to list those items and make money from renting them to those who need or want to use them. Why buy it when you can rent it from someone at a fraction of the cost and not have it taking up space in your garage home or yard. If you own it already why not rent it and let it earn you money. MyStuffRental is the new and smarter way to manage our stuff!
Its easy to register and add your items you would like to rent or register and rent any item you need.
Its easy to reserve on the calendar the days you need an item weather in your hometown or thousands of miles away in any location you my be travelling to for vacation, adventure, business, a sporting events , or whatever. You no longer have to take everything with you when you go on a trip. Rent it and reserve it in the place you are going to need it on MyStuffRental. The list is endless as to the stuff you can list for rent or find to rent from someone else.
Take a look at the easy tutorial and get started to day letting your stuff work for you or finding the stuff you need!

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