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A new hot sport game is available for all sports fans! The Ultimate Sports Trivia Quiz will test your general knowledge of all sports: basketball, football, tennis, snooker, cricket, soccer and hockey with fun 3000+ sports trivia questions! Step out into the court and show you are a pro! Challenge yourself with multiple choice questions about famous sportsmen and sport leagues!
The best sports trivia game for kids and adults is finally out in the market get Ultimate Sports Trivia Quiz with free download! Guess the sport player, guess the sport club name, guess the sport championship and so much more with this fun game of sports!

5 levels of difficulty!
3000+ multiple choice questions!
20 seconds to choose the right answer;
3 errors in a row - game over;
Sports trivia about basketball, football, tennis, snooker, cricket, soccer and hockey!
3 available lifelines:
50:50 remove two incorrect answers;
Switch your question with another one;
Use the help of your friends take a look at their answers shown in percentages.
Remember - use lifelines less and win more coins! Cash in your knowledge and feel like a millionaire!

Do you know all football teams, football players and their positions (quarterbacks, corner-backs, linebackers etc.)? Take this football player name quiz or football team quiz and boast around when you reach a high score! Be the best shooter, trick our goal keeper and make a great success on field!
What about basketball players and teams? Are you ready for a super fun play-off? Take this basketball player quiz, show your knowledge of the NBA or the USA basketball, and show your basketball expertise! Turn into a real playmaker and score crazy slam-dunks!
Can you name all the sportsmen superstars, coaches or the professional football, soccer, basketball leagues? Further on, are you familiar with numerous tennis tournaments, snooker players and championships, cricket and hockey teams, players and their achievements?
With more than 3000 questions, Ultimate Sports Trivia Quiz game will check your knowledge of all the above mentioned sports and sportsmen! Download this fun quiz game for kids and adults!
This educational quiz will "test your knowledge" and help you learn new things about the snooker game in a fun way! Download this addictive knowledge quiz and have fun with sports trivia!
Get entertained with basketball trivia, football quiz questions, soccer trivia, tennis quiz questions or trivial facts about hockey, cricket or snooker! All true sports enthusiasts will really enjoy playing this sports trivia game of quiz! Take Ultimate Sports Trivia Quiz for kids, teens, high-schoolers or adults!
Quizzes are the most addicting games! Get this free ultimate quiz and you'll see! With more than 3000 different trivia questions about basketball, football, soccer or tennis professional players, teams and championships, this sports game for kids and adults will amuse you to the maximum! Start the sports quiz tournament on your smartphone or tablet! Check out how well you really now the football teams, the most popular players of American football and their positions in the game; then, check out how much you really know about basketball players as well, about the best playmakers, teams, winners, losers, game results, coaches and the general history of this popular American league of professionals! Even more, join this free sports trivia game and learn about tennis! Random trivia questions and answers of this ultimate quiz about tennis will keep you interested for a long time! Is Roland Garros played on clay, hard surface or grass? What about Wimbledon or Indian Wells Masters? Download this trivia game about sports and score only winners!

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