New Keboard for TWICE KPOP 2019

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Consisting of several keyboard themes that you choose The TWICE KPOP keyboard theme that really understands the user's desires for special and special mobile themes or keyboard themes.
Install and decorate your keyboard with the TWICE KPOP Keyboard Theme now! This keyboard will make you happy The TWICE KPOP Keyboard theme will look amazing on your keyboard and you will see beautiful scenes when typing messages and sending funny emojis! Your keyboard will look very trendy after you install this TWICE KPOP Keyboard Theme everyone will be jealous of the new look of your mobile.

** How to Use the Keyboard Theme TWICE KPOP
1. install the keyboard application
2. after you install, and pair applications.
3. The entry into language and input settings application, select TWICE KPOP Keyboard emoji keyboard
4. The next entry to set the input method settings, select his language english
5. The l emoji image settings you want to make the cover of the keyboard. after that you can use the application keyboard and TWICE KPOP Keyboard emoji cute smile.

This application can also display the best photos yourselves. Her way is very easy, if you want to show your photo on the cover on the phone follow this way.
1. find themes in the application Background keyboard,
2. (Background) select the button style keyboard.
3. (set Background) select the images in the gallery that you think is good.
4. (set themes) for displaying your photos in Background keyboard. congratulations use.

* Enjoy the TWICE KPOP Ijo Keyboard Theme with cute emojis and charming fonts
* Smarter Auto Correct (if you type the word it will correct automatically)

+ Disclaimer:
This application is not officially approved. The information contained or used on the TWICE KPOP keyboard is for general information purposes only. All content has copyright and / or trademark for each of its owners and is used for this TWICE KPOP Keyboard application included in fair use guidelines. This application is intended only for TWICE KPOP Keyboard Fans and also to help them find easier ways to arrange images as their mobile keyboard. Contact Us Immediately if we violate copyright

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