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Whats in the app?

The Shepregnant gives you weekly information on your baby's development. As you learn the developments in the little one rapidly growing, you will witness the miracle that grows inside you. Also, there will be weekly updates on your phone about changes an expectant mom is likely to experience.

The app is a social network and this is its most important feature. When you create your own profile with a picture and enter chat rooms, you will receive club recommendations suitable for you. You can make new friends and communicate with them by joining these clubs. Have not you found a club you like? Then, start your own club. Write a description for your club and chat with the ones you wish to enlist as a member. Who knows, maybe your club will end up on the "Popular Clubs" list. You will also be able to individually see the clubs that you are a member of or those you've started yourself.

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The Shepregnant records a daily register of how much water you drink as a candidate for mothers. Thanks to the '' Water Counter '', you can record in this application every glass of water you drink, you can see how much of your daily water needs are met. It warns you if you drink too much or too little. The Shepregnant continues to be with you at this stage to spend your pregnancy in the healthiest way.

If you think I am pregnant, but I dont know how to exercise., do pregnancy pilates at home by watching Exercise of the Week prepared by the Pregnancy Yoga and Pregnancy Pilates expert, Banu Deer.

The Preparation for Childbirth" section allows you to create your own shopping list and to prepare your own hospital bag. In this section you can find articles about childbirth methods, you can also list your requests, expressing yourself better to your doctor and birth team thanks to "Childbirth Plan". With this unique feature, you can print your plan and share it with your doctor.
To tell your own childbirth story or learn about others' stories, you can access the "Childbirth Stories" club here.

My Diary section is a genuine record book for all stages of your baby's development. You can write about your longing for your baby in this diary, which will then be a unique souvenir for you at the end of this adventure. You can also follow day-to-day the pictures added to "Take the Photo of the Day" in this section. Also in this section is a calendar where you can follow the number of days and weeks of your pregnancy.

As soon as the little one starts moving, you can record its movements with the "Kick Counter". So you won't forget the time of the first kick. These kicks will be automatically saved in your log. Likewise, the "Contraction Counter" will automatically register your contractions. Do not worry about your weight gain, all your records will be kept in your diary daily. This will help your weight control. If your doctor asks to monitor your blood pressure, you can record these in the blood pressure measurement section.

In the "Pregnancy Complaints" section, you can create your own archive by recording your complaints weekly. While the "Baby Names List" section gives you ideas about names, the "Zodiac Calendar" tells your baby's possible zodiac sign. If you wish, you can be a member of your baby's horoscope club.

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