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Planner, merchandise scanner, safe of receipts, gifts, purchases, birthdays, Christmas, holidays
Welcome! :-)
bar.ney is not just another ordinary app for planning purchases and storing gifts - bar.ney can
do much more, it's your complete shopping helper.
Everything is easy and without delay, just scan the barcode of the product you like and leave
everything to the bar.ney app. The App will then tell you where to buy the same or similar
product and allow you to share, catalog and comment it.
And that's not all the application can do, so download bar.ney and try it out. If you don't have the
time and want to know everything right now, here is a sample of bar.ney features:
The easy and fast product scanner has over 2 million items available and we are constantly
expanding our database:
Scans and stores products based on barcodes, including prices, images and descriptions. You
can add a category to your saved items, share with friends, and chat. Of course, the app will
show you where to find products on the web or in stores near you.
Receipt Safe - is a simple way to store your purchase receipt:
You do not lose the warranty on the purchased products, you simply scan each receipt, and we
will notify you of the expiration of the warranty period and keep the receipt for any complaints.
You can then share your receipt or send it anywhere you need to.
Fulltext search:
Are you looking for a specific product? Try a full-text search in the application.
Calendar of events:
In the calendar you will find everything you need, every saved receipt and also all other events
nicely arranged by years, months or days. And the application alerts you events if is someone's
birthday, expiring warranty, special offers etc.
For partners:
At the moment we have over 2.3 million products from different industries and countries in our
database - and the database is growing.
If you are a company interested in collaboration presentation of your products in the application
bar.ney - do not hesitate to contact us at info@gtin.cz, or register at www.barneyapp.com,
www.gtin.cz and you can present your products in minutes!

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