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Gothic Style Architecture - PIN Lock Screen.
What a beautiful, incomprehensible and attractive Gothic style architecture! Beautiful medieval buildings with sharp roofs and rounded windows, buildings that seem to be stretching up to the sun! The attachment contains pictures that you can put on the background of the lock screen, and choose the way to lock the screen.
Gothic, Gothic style - artistic style, medieval culture of the countries of Western Europe. The term "Gothic" was introduced in the Renaissance as a contemptuous designation of all medieval art that was considered "barbaric".
The development of Gothic art reflected dramatic changes in the structure of the medieval society: the beginning of the formation of centralized states, the growth and strengthening of cities, the nomination of secular forces - urban, commercial and artisan, as well as court-knight circles. With the development of social consciousness, craft and technology, the foundations of the medieval religious and dogmatic world outlook weakened, the possibilities of cognition and aesthetic comprehension of the real world expanded; New architectural types and tectonic systems were formed. Urban development and civil architecture have been intensively developed. Urban architectural ensembles included religious and secular buildings, castles, fortifications, bridges, wells. The main urban area was often built with buildings with arcades, commercial and warehouse premises on the lower floors. The main streets diverged from the square; Narrow facades 2-, rarely 3-storey houses with high gables built along the streets and embankments. Cities were surrounded by mighty walls with many decorated entry towers. Castles of kings and feudal lords gradually turned into complex complexes of fortress, palace and religious buildings. Usually in the city center, dominating over its building, there was a castle or cathedral, the latter also became the center of city life.

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