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Lane Swirl: Chase Demons is an action-packed endless car chase simulator full of drifting, gold collecting and crops destroying. Drive your way through chasers, either cops or angry farmers, and survive for as long as possible

What do you do in Lane Swirl: Chase Demons?
Test your drifting skills by playing with a wide range of vehicles like: street cars, super cars, Go Karts and F1 cars. The longer you survive, the harder it gets!

How do I drive?
With very simple controls and mechanics, the focus of road rage is to make the game play as fun as possible for the players. In a thrilling, fast paced police chase you smash, dodge and destroy police cars and farmers by ramming them or juking them into destroying themselves. As the endless drifting chase gets longer the police cars get stronger too making it more difficult for players to evade. Drifting is realistic and makes the pursuit much more fun and exciting. You can play with touch controls or shoot your shot with a CONTROLLER!

Why Lane Swirl: Chase Demons?
It's FUN! With a large variety of vehicles and player skins, FRESH cartoony graphics and a goal: get away form the cops and keep your car in one piece, all while drifting. Don't get it twisted, it gets harder and the police grows stronger!

Why drifting?
Because! We are not going to lie, Lane Swirl: Chase Demons has some boobie traps on every map, either by the barn, in the apartment complex or at the edge of the map. You will NEED to drift in order to stay alive and not end up swimming with the fishes. Although Nemo would be more than pleased for you to keep him company. How do you drift, you ask? Catch speed, slightly tap the breaks and turn, nothing easier! Drifting will also help you escape in tight situations when the enemy has a faster car.

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