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Kungfu or gongfu is a martial art originating from China. However, the meaning of the word Kungfu actually has a much broader meaning, which is something that is obtained in a long time and with high perseverance. Thus, a great cooking expert can be said to have a high Kungfu.

Shape and posture are not free, but regularly according to composition. With good composition, then the movement will feel more supple. The form of the posture in every movement must be done seriously and correctly. I studied some compositions in kung fu movements until I finally wondered.

Movement and style on kungfu vary, starting from the position of the foot, the distribution of body weight, and the alignment of the body. In learning kung fu, it takes discipline and high dedication. We are not only trained to move but also appreciate each movement. Everything is to be pursued in this martial arts learning. Structural position or posture is an important point in learning kung fu.

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