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Tips that will be given is related on the material, size, length, detail, color, and how good storage.
Jacket Material:
Choose materials carefully, because the main function is as a heated jacket body, the material is an important thing to consider. The best material to warm your body is a wool and cashmere, cashmere but tend to be expensive and require extra care. Some clothing manufacturers are also using materials semi-wool a little lighter for the jacket.
Jackets Size:
Choose the appropriate size, because it is used as the outer layer of your clothing, choose a jacket with the size of the numbers on the number of your clothes, so your body can move easily and comfortably even with layered clothing. You also will not look like clumps of fabric with two garments firmly attached.
Long Jacket:
Another thing you need to consider is the length of the jacket, the jacket fitting should fall no higher or lower than the waist. If the jacket falls higher than the waist, it means you wear a cropped jacket or blazer. While the jackets that fall beyond the waist is more properly called the mantle.
Detail Jacket:
Detail is also worth noting, one detail on the jacket is pocket. If your body is not high, avoid jacket with pocket detail too much. Moreover, if you fill it with various objects belong to you, like your wallet and all your favorite gadgets. This will only make you look shorter and overweight.
Jacket Color:
Choose the right color, the researchers found that dark colors can hold heat better than bright colors. So, if you want a warm jacket, you know what color to choose.
Tips on caring for a jacket to keep it neat:
Good storage, so that your investment style remains high value, you need to take good care. Use hanger to hang your jacket when not in use. If this is hard to do while at the office, you can put it over the back of the office chair. Thus, the wrinkles on the jacket can decompose and form shoulders remain well preserved.
examples of all kinds of jackets:
The leather jacket is perfect to wear either hot or cold weather, day or night. The nature of the leather jacket in addition to strong and not penetrating wind, also has a good sweat absorption. In addition to comfortable and suitable for all weather, excess leather jacket is able to minimize and provide protection for the body from injury due to accidents. Another plus, the typical clothes and motorcycle racing suits of this jacket is not outdated.
But the leather jacket also has weaknesses. Because it is made from leather, the model was quick jacket also cause a bad odor. This jacket is much used as a motorcycle club jacket. So the leather jacket can be chosen as the "racing suit or jacket racing" you.
This jacket is made from a combination of leather and lubricant materials. The surplus is almost the same as the leather jacket, the jacket just is not suitable for use during the day, especially during the hot sun. Synthetic materials do not have sweat absorption.
Shirt or jacket racing jacket rain coats of water-resistant properties, very suitable apply if rain or in the cold. In addition to protecting the body from the water spray, parachute material easily cleaned them and odorless. If you frequently test the vehicle from the garage, this type can be used as a clothes shop on when the rainy season.
Jeans or denim jacket, also well worn during the day (not too bright) and night. Having a thick knitted texture can reduce wind to the body. Although sweat absorption pretty good, but long dry when exposed to rain.
When the force on a motorcycle wearing this jacket when it rains, the body feels heavy. Because this type of clothing material motorcycle racing suit jacket and can absorb enough water. This type of jacket is also used as a jacket passable club.

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