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Lucid English gives Korean users a way to practice building English sentences. Your understanding of English is strong, but you have trouble making sentences. Now, you can practice building English sentences while on the subway, taking a lunch break or having coffee with friends.

An exercise starts with a Korean sentence. Your task is to make it an English sentence.
You choose the words.
You choose the word forms.
You choose the word order.
If you make a mistake, Lucid will give you some help and let you try again.

Never run out of exercises.
Lucid is a machine that makes exercises from sentence blueprints.
You can practice any sentence variation as many times as you need to.

For Example:
They did not watch a movie
Nancy did not read the book
I did not wash the shirts
He did not buy a watch
You did not eat the sandwich

These examples are all from the same sentence Type (Person Verb), Tense (Past) and Variation (Sentence -). They are made from the same blueprint with different vocabulary. As long as you want to keep practicing, Lucid will keep making exercises.

300+ Sentence Variations
There are 12 sentence Types (Person Verb, Object Is Adjective, etc.)
Each Type has different Tenses (Future, Present Continuous, Past, etc.)
Each Tense has different Variations (Sentence +, Sentence -, Who, What, etc.)
Most sentence Types have multiple levels of vocabulary.

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