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Everything you need for a kosher Mezuzah is bundled up in this app.

The app provides tutorials, blessings and all the tools youll need to install the Jewish Security System in your home or office.


- See where and how Mezuzahs are put up
- Verify your Mezuzahs authenticity
- Calculate correct placement without a measuring tape
- Ask an expert scribe for assistance
- Buy your own Mezuzah from a reliable source

We hope you love this app, bringing ease and fun to the powerful deed of putting up a Mezuzah!

This app is endorsed by the Vaad Limishmeres Stam. Tutorials and guides follow Chabad custom.


Whats a Mezuzah?

A Mezuzah is a small scroll of parchment containing passages that declare a Jews faith in One G-d. The scroll is affixed to the doorway in a Jewish home, often adorned in a plastic or elaborate wood or silver case. As a G-dly commandment, Mezuzah is a powerful protector of both physical and spiritual health.

It is important to note that in order to properly calculate the height for the Mezuzah you must be standing exactly in front of the door posts.

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