Timber Knight War

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This is a timber story. Timber Knight War game will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of the epic knight timber story. To save the princess falls into a devil hands on its thrones. The beautiful princess is imprisoned in the tower top. You are a fierce knight-warrior and have the power of Hercules. You can help the princess by chopping a Devil Tower. Yes, You can chop the tower like a woodcutter!!

The Devil Tower were built with so many levels. It is create to compare with the Tower of Babel to spread God and raise devils kingdom. After princess is kidnaped from a kingdom, the timber knight, champion master knight who win timber gold prize, get power of god to destroy the devils. He unawares join to God battles. He has to chop the tower like a tree and rescue the princess back to the kingdom. Let's end this war!

Although our epic knight have a god power, the devils prepare its tower to prevent destruction. Devil prepare many ultimate weapons to kill our timber knight. Avoid all weapons as you can.

How to play
You can cut a level of tower with a simple tap left or right. Dodge various trap weapons. Chop a level of tower as fast as possible because your energy will decrease rapidly(Because your armor cannot save you in devil's kingdom). You must use the power of your love for the princess. Help her out from tower.

- Simple how to play
- Funning game play
- Beautiful graphic
- Race against a friend with a Google Play Leaderboard
- Share it to your friends via Facebook.

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