Telyfone- Autoresponder for Calls, Dialer,DND & WA

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Looking for a way to reply to your calls and WA messages when occupied? Install Telyfone- Autoresponder for Calls, Dialer & WA app to manage your calls when you are occupied.
Smarter DND features are integrated with Telyfone app, so you don't have to manually reply to callers and see the callers' call status before initiating the call. Try this auto-reply text app for free and make your life easier.

How to use the answering machine?

Whether you are, in driving, meeting, or classroom, select your activity from the status and do your stuff. You don't have to touch the phone again. Auto-reply will automatically manage calls and notify callers via SMS about your activity automatically and show advance in-app notification about your situation better to all callers. You can also set it on auto-reject when you are busy. Canned responses with CallBot and call status allow calls only when you are available. Download the auto-respond app from the google play store and enjoy.

Key features of Telyfone- Autoresponder for Calls, Dialer, DND & WA:

Telyfone identifies spam and helps you in identifying the spam calls.
Get dialer with an autoresponder and call status. The auto-messages lets you manage calls during driving, meeting, workout, and more.
Send SMS automatically to the caller while you are busy.
Search contacts instantly using the automatic app.
Block calls from unwanted contacts/numbers
Reject Incoming calls automatically when busy.
Select a status from the list according to your will.
Contains a fast, safe, and smart dialer
Instantly Whats_App from contact book
Send call request/get call request(in-app only)
Very smooth and compact app.
This chatbot app doesn't display your name to unknown callers.
Look at the status of your contacts and decide to call. Smart dialer shows you the status of the callee.
Lets you create new contact easily and organize your favorite list.
Manage call logs through the dialer keypad and access recent calls with one tap. Also, quick call back to missed & recent calls.
Advance popup notification to callers about status (in-app only)
Enable/disable status when you need to.

When you are very busy or want to spend some alone time, auto-reply text or quick-reply text message app will help you. You will get unlimited SMS to send automatically to the callers.

You can auto-reply for whats_app calls and texts when you are away. You can set status text like can't talk, call you later, or anything you wish.

If you are looking for an auto-text service app for free and offline, Install Telyfone- Autoresponder for Calls, Dialer, DND & WA and manage your calls without even touching the phone.

We strictly follow data privacy and do not source its data from contacts in your phone book.

Why Telyfone dialer needs the following permissions:

We need your valuable permission to access to the following functionalities of your phone to offer the features of our product to serve you better.

1.PROCESS OUTGOING CALLS - To differentiate between incoming, outgoing calls and able to make calls & receive calls through our dialer app.

2.SEND SMS - To send automatic SMS from your phone to callers when you are unable to answer a call during on status set by you. We never ask access/permission to read your messages.

3.READ CALL_LOG - To facilitate you to a quick view of your phone call history like missed, dialed, and received call details.

4.WRITE CALL_LOG - To delete single/multiple call logs and to add a phone number to your contact book. Also, help you to block unwanted contacts and phone numbers

5.CONTACTS - To show contacts stored in your contact book for quick access and to make calls, receive a call, delete contact, search contact & to organize your favorite contact

For further your valuable suggestions/feedback write a mail to us - [email protected]

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