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TELO App One of Indias best free workout app on the play store. This app genre divides into four parts: Thriller, Horror, Funny, Exciting Alerts you. For Example, when you are in the forest and are in trouble and a monster comes after you, scares you and says running is the only way to escape the scene. This app also has funny contextual scenes where you are the boyfriend/girlfriend and are late to meet your boyfriend/girlfriend and running to the place is the only way you could reach on time. So, Anytime you would search for new content, there is something there to surprise you and with using those tracks you automatically feel better than before. It is very important to note that this app contains such unique fun, intriguing and interactive stories that get your imagination fired up.

TELO is an Audio-AR (augmented reality) app that puts you (the user) in different interesting (audio-based) scenarios, where running is imperative to escape, survive or win. Thereby making a boring experience, fun and engaging.
1. Choose to be a robber one day trying to run away with your loot of $ millions;
2. Choose to be a scientist who is looking for a missing piece of your time-travel machine, lost in prehistoric times and you are being chased by a 40ft tall T-Rex;
3. Much such fun and interactive scenes to choose from;
4. Have fun while you run!

In this App, you can walking/running according to the difficulty, times, duration, and distance. Decide the length of running/walking. This App alerts people that anywhere, anytime, you are slacking a bit too much using contextual short audio alerts that are relevant to the storyline you chose to run with.

TELO Running App can set fitness goals and maintain weight loss & bodybuilding. It can choose the difficulty level of your planned run/walk other chooses can do facilities.

Really, immerse yourself in the audio stories and running/walking so, TELO App keeps hope that all the people like this fitness app.
This best running app that helps you forget about running and have fun playing the character in the audio story. The advantage of this app is that you will get rid of boring sports. You can easily run and fun at the same time. About this app, you can share score points with your own history.

Generally, all that fitness app contain is in mostly a single language, but this app is different. So, there are three languages working with fitness goal and achievement that is very creative - English, Hindi and Tamil with more languages to come soon.

TELO Contests Best Workout app gives most amazing content to the user that who can complete the apps task in a short time and reach the target and the winner is declared with the winner and exciting rewards.

TELO Running App of features are anywhere, choose the genre of audio tracks and you want to while running, walking, etc. You can choose many languages of tracks which you want to hear the story in and you would listen to audio with an introduction.

Features of the app:

1. Choose the difficulty level of your planned run/walk;
2. Choose the genre of audio tracks you want to listen to while running/walking;
3. Choose the language of tracks you want to hear the story in;
3. Choose the length of run/walk;
4. Listen to audio intro;
5. Walk/Run according to the difficulty level, duration, and distance;
6. Get alerted smartly when you are slacking a bit too much;
7. Immerse yourself in the audio stories and run/walk

Benefits of the app:
1.\tForget about running, have fun, playing the character in the audio story
2.\tTakes the boring away from this sport.
3.\tRun and fun at the same time
4.\tStories are short, medium, and long in length.
5.\tShare to score points

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