Ghost Maze Escape. Mystical quests action & pazzle

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Its easy to get into the Houses of psychedelic reality created by ghosts, but get out ... As soon as you enter the House of Ghosts, the entrance is immediately sealed and only the exit remains. And to get to him, you need to show good ingenuity, dexterity and strength. And you need to constantly move, as it is worth stopping, and you immediately become part of the interior of the House. There were not a few people missing. Many found themselves in the Houses because of ignorance, as the House is not visible from the outside, and only by small details can it be determined.

But the most important thing, because of which some poor fellows intentionally seek to get into the Ghost Houses, is their owners. If you can get to the owner of the House and solve his quests, you will gain an artifact or new abilities. You can sell the artifact well or use it. But the adventure does not end there, because after that you also have to get out of the House and find a way out. So think before entering. As a rule, these are all not very useful abilities and things, but in everyday life they can come in handy.

But among all the houses there is a special one - the House of Desires. The owner of this house will fulfill your every wish. But somewhere in this catch, everything is not given for nothing.

Welcome to the Maze of Ghosts - a world of fantasy, surrealism and mysteries for those who love psychedelic adventure, action and escape from the room games, who want to reveal the hidden meaning of what is happening, solve puzzles.
This game is for those who want to find a pattern in what at first glance seems like complete madness, find a reason, understand a consequence, solve quests and puzzles. This wonderful psychedelic game can be described as an intellectual fantasy horror.

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This game is based on a mystical story about ghost. But this is more than ghosts. These are special creatures that give people incredible abilities. Since this game is in the first person, you are the main character of the game, and what will happen and what ability you will gain, you will learn from the game itself. The idea of the game was inspired by the famous trilogy of films - Cube, so if you liked this movie and you dont suffer from claustrophobia, then welcome.

Game is free, without registration, all quests are in English.

Maze of Ghosts is a fantasy horror action packed adventure quest. To keep the player constantly interested, the game is a mixture of genres: action, adventure, quests and escape from the room. In the best traditions of escape games, it has the task of finding a way out, solving puzzles, and has an exciting fantasy horror story with an unpredictable ending.

There are several types of locations in the maze: a 3D first-person maze with quests and puzzles, classic quests are presented in 2d locations and a special action location, a mixture of 3d and 2d where you must run a given distance, dodging obstacles and crash everything on your way.

Exciting puzzles and quests have various tasks and difficulty levels. Basically, these are unique puzzles, where an entirely new principle of puzzle games is implemented, which has never appeared before. Puzzles have several design options, and you can choose it yourself.

All the latest ideas from the gaming industry are integrated in a 3D maze.
The main objective of the game is to find a way out of this difficult situation. This is a game with a plot, which is based on a truly mysterious mystical horror story and exciting adventures with artistic and surreal locations that are art itself. This escape action shooter, its psychedelic fantasy world with quests and puzzles will give you both spectacular and intellectual pleasure.

Let's go! Beautiful mind is waiting for you!

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