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In this fast growing world full of toxins and fertilisers, all the fast food that we eat affects our human body and its immune system a lot. We must learn and adapt to consume more and more of natural healthy food items which are loading with health benefits and keeps us fit in the long run and one such healthy food item is mushroom.

Mushrooms are the edible fungus which grows on moist soil after heavy rains.

All mushrooms are not edible but there are a lot of edible varieties of mushrooms which are very healthy for human consumption.

Mushroom has numerous benefits like prevents heart diseases, prevents infections, cleanses our body, promotes healthy skin.

Mushroom must be included in our everyday lives to gain its maximum benefits and lead a healthy life.

Mushroom does not taste good to a lot of us, so here are a few methods to make it taste better

1.\tIn soups
2.\tIn vegetables
3.\tIn assorted salads
4.\tAdd chopped mushroom in omelette

Our app covers several essential categories which take care of your needs. We provide a pre-defined checklist and also allow you to customize features according to your needs and requirements.

This app provides special help for different people.

This app will organize and provide following benefits:

1.\tLower Cholesterol
2.\tTreat Anemia
3.\tPrevent Cancer
4.\tPrevent Diabetes
5.\tImprove Bone Health
6.\tNutrient Absorption
7.\tBoost Immune System
8.\tLower Blood Pressure
9.\tIncrease Iron Absorption
10.\tRich in Selenium
11.\tWeight Loss
12.\tHigh in B and D Vitamins
13.\tAnti-inflammatory Powers
14.\tFight Aging

In todays toxic world it is very important for us to find natural remedies to heal and keep us fit and mushroom helps us doing it.

If you enjoy your experience and want to share it with your friends and family then we will help you with that.

So what are you waiting for, download the app now and get going

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