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In this fast growing world full of toxins and fertilisers, all the fast food that we eat affects our human body and its immune system a lot. We must learn and adapt to consume more and more of natural healthy food items which are loading with health benefits and keeps us fit in the long run and one such healthy food item is green tea.

One of the common and famous healthy beverage amongst all of us these days is, green tea. Popular for its health benefits green tea is the go to health drink for all of us.

Green tea is widely used for its health benefits and has vital minerals and vitamins. Green tea is made by the withering and oxidation of camellia sinesis leaves

Green tea must be included in our everyday lives to gain its maximum benefits and lead a healthy life.

It is said that having two cups of green tea daily and help us severe health disease and keep doctors at bay.

Our app covers several essential categories which take care of your needs. We provide a pre-defined checklist and also allow you to customize features according to your needs and requirements.

This app provides special help for different people.

This app will organize and provide following benefits:

1.\tCuts Cancer Risk
2.\tImproves Heart Health
3.\tRegulates Blood Pressure
4.\tLowers The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
5.\tPromotes Weight Loss
6.\tHelps Relieve Arthritis
7.\tPromotes Longevity
8.\tBoosts Immunity
9.\tImproves Brain Health
10.\tPromotes Digestive Health
11.\tPrevents Tooth Decay
12.\tAids In Depression Treatment
13.\tTreats Down Syndrome
14.\tHelps Cure Hangovers
15.\tImproves Energy And Endurance
16.\tHelps Treat Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes
17.\tOffers Anti-Aging Benefits
18.\tHelps Treat Acne
19.\tProtects Skin Against Sunburn
20.\tStimulates Hair Growth

In todays toxic world it is very important for us to find natural remedies to heal and keep us fit and green tea helps us doing it.

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