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Terra Medicum is a unique opportunity for doctors and medical students to train advanced diagnostic skills in a realistic and safe environment with virtual patients generated by the artificial intelligence bot - Dr. Lex and medical school professors.

Practice within Terra Medicum and you will:
- improve your diagnostic skills,
- enjoy your time, applying the most engaging gamified methodologies,
- learn alternative pathways of differential diagnosis.

Start now to solve quizzes, unlock difficulty levels, challenge your friends, participate in competition events, earn score points, request and provide second opinions to peer doctors and get ranked based on your results.
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- Over 1 million AI-generated cases
- 25 specializations and over 1,000 diagnoses
- Full range of diagnostic tests to choose (physical examinations, laboratory tests, imaging, anamnesis, other)
- Time and cost tracking against benchmarks
- Specificity levels indicating the magnitude of influence of each finding
- Supporting images for selected quizzes
- Challenges to compete with friends and boosting score points
- Dr. Lex diagnosis simulator.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES are available to medical school professors that allow creating, editing and publishing of diagnosis quizzes in seconds. Quizzes are saved within private channels and distributed to the students to supplement the learning courses. Professors can subsequently track the progress of their students on the dashboard.

The underlying medical knowledge of Dr. Lex is based on published statistical data, over 10,000 evidence-based medical articles and summarized national e-health databases.

The services in the app are intended exclusively for healthcare professionals. Those services shall not be used by patients or non-healthcare professionals for diagnosis or any other purposes.

Terra Medicum and Dr. Lex cannot provide medical diagnosis. Those are intended for informational purposes only. Healthcare professionals must use their own discretion when making diagnosis judgments.

Learn more at https://www.terramedicum.com/ or reach out to [email protected] with any questions or feedback.

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