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Super QR Code Reader is a fast, lightweight, reliable and elegant QR code scanner app:


Point your device rear camera towards a QR/barcode to scan it with the qrcode scanner
Perform the appropriate action upon the scanned code, if it contains a link open it in the browser, if it contains a WiFi connection then connect to the network, etc.
Select local images on your phones in search of QR codes
Create your QR codes easily
Review all your previously scanned or created codes
Share your codes with anyone

Use the barcode reader with any code that you find in your way! To scan barcode, just point the rear camera towards it.

Scan codes with your device rear camera:

1. Open the app and center the QR/barcode that you want to scan in the center of the screen, the qr code scanner will be scanned automatically and you will see its content.
2. Depending on the type of the code that the barcode reader has scanned, the app will let you perform associated operations, for instance:
- If the QR contains a web link: you can open that link in your browser with a click.
- If the QR contains WiFi credentials: you can connect to that network automatically.
- If the QR contains contact information: you can add that info to your address book automatically.
- If the QR contains an event: you can add the event to your calendar automatically.
- Let the Qrreader show you the relevant info of the code.

This qrcode scanner app has unmatching features compared to other QR reader free applications! Scan QR code has never been easier.

Read codes from images with this free QR scanner:

1. Go to the Scan File section.
2. Select an image of your phone to perform a QR scan.
3. The app will scan it in search of QR/barcodes, if it finds one it will let you choose the appropriate action on it.

Create custom QR codes:

1. Go to the Create QR section.
2. Select a template to start depending on the type of code that you want to create.
3. Populate the fields for the given template.
4. Click on Create, your QR code will be automatically created.

Review your codes and share them:

1. Go to the History section.
2. You will find here all of your scanned/created codes, select one to start.
3. You can perform its action again, or click in Share to share the code with anyone.
4. All the codes read by this scanning app will be here.

Easily use your camera to scan QR code, with it you can even use this app as a product scanner. This is a free QR scanner so you can download it now to start using it! Just point the bar code scanner towards the QR codes and the app will scan it immediately! The QR code barcode scanner can read camera images or images of your system.

Scan QR, create QR, and now also retrieve QR! In the History section, you will find the complete list of scanned and generated codes. This means that all the codes that you have scanned with the bar code reader will be there to retrieve it. This is a barcode scanner app free.

This QR barcode scanner has been designed with simplicity in mind, all the features are accessible from the beginning, so download now to start enjoying this scanning app! The QR scanner free will be available just after opening the app, so you will only need to open it to start scanning.

With the free QR reader you will be able to analyze rq codes and barcodes. This QR scanner free code reader is lightweight and packed with all the features needed to work with any kind of code. Download now the free barcode scanner and start understanding the content of that code!

Tambin en castellano! Utilice el lector cdigos QR para leer cualquier cdigo QR, este escaner QR puede ser usado como lector de codigo de barras tambin y como lector qr. Descrguese ya el mejor scanner QR!

Remember that this is a QR code reader free so you dont have to pay to use it. Download now without cost, enjoy now this bar code scanner app free!

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