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With School Valley, schools can relay their messages, notices or announcements, information regarding classes to their students directly. Students need to be updated regarding important news, notices, other resources such as class routines and questions. All of these are available as features on the app. A well-featured user interface has been designed for admins (school administrators) to make announcements, add routines and other information easily.

The app has following features:

- Notices
Students need to be notified urgently about certain news and announcement. In such case, schools can post notices and students will immediately receive notifications on their mobile devices regarding any new notice. Files can also be attached to the notices, such as exam routines, results and other documents.

- Routine
Every class or section has a daily routine. In the beginning of the session, its difficult to remember the routine. Admins can add routines of all the sections or classes and modify or change them any time. Routines are flexible, they keep changing, so it becomes easier for the students to have the latest routine.

- Questions
Students can practice objective (Multiple choice) questions from the app. Admins can add questions so that students keep excelling. Students can take tests with countdown timer enabled, similar to entrance examinations.

Admins and students can communicate with each other via chat on the app. If a student has any inquiry or problem, they can simply message the admin and the admin will receive the message in real-time.

- Profiles and Search
Schools can create their profiles, add information about the school and upload images to their gallery. Also, students can search and find more about the schools by viewing their profile.

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