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How well do your know superheroes and villains from popular comic books and hit movies? Try to answer all the easy but also hard superhero questions with answers and test your knowledge with the most fun guess the superhero quiz game. Can you reveal their real names and remember all the storylines, interesting facts and details about their histories, sidekicks and mortal enemies?


Explore the fascinating universe of superheroes and their enemies and the never-ending battle of good versus evil. How much do you really know about all the fictional crime fighters with supernatural abilities who have been entertaining the audience for decades? How well do you know their superpowers and skills? Get one of the best free quizzes with questions about super heroes and villains from popular comics, graphic novels, movies and TV shows. Accept the fun quiz challenge and try to answer both easy and difficult questions from this awesome superhero test.


What is the name of Spiderman's alter ego? Which fictional hero comes from the island nation of Themyscira? Which character is commonly known as Logan? What is Iron Man's real name? Whose nickname is the Scarlett Speedster? Each of these brave crime fighters has a special ability - superhuman strength, invisibility, invulnerability, telepathy, atmokinesis, flying or something even more powerful. Show how much you know about your favorite childhood heroes.

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