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Run this app named Super-Bright Flashlight Pro (Torch) + Led Clock or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Super-Bright Flashlight Pro (Torch) is a must have app when power is out and you need a torch or flashlight to continue doing what you want or even to go outside with friends to talk until power comes back on. Don't walk alone without a torch either, protect yourself and your surrouding with Super-Bright Flashlight Pro (Torch).

Use this awesome, super bright flashlight app to turn your android device into a super bright torch that will illuminate an entire room or area, especially if you're not seeing well or have bad vision at nights. This Super-Bright Flashlight Pro (Torch) application can help you to walk safely if there isn't enough light and you need to look for something or even read at nights or in the dark.

Peeping in a dark corner, bag or other accessory is easier with your android phone and our Super-Bright Flashlight Pro (Torch) app. You simply turn on the application and select the mode that you want to use in the top left corner of the app. No flash on your android device ? that's fine because Super-Bright Flashlight Pro (Torch) also has screen flash for devices that do not have a camera flash.

Try Super-Bright Flashlight Pro (Torch) today and get access to a torch with your screen or camera's flash and also a super bright led clock, all in one package. You can simply write text on the screen of your device to use as screen flash too and it gives a beautiful light that can help you to see better at nights or in the dark; you can even to say something to a person from a distance with text light mode.

1. Camera flash torch
2. Screen flash torch
3. Text Light
5. Led clock
6. Text input for screen torch

Download Super-Bright Flashlight Pro (Torch) today and enjoy!

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