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Super illusion
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Welcome to our exciting application designed special for you!
This is a Super Illusions game application that will be able to trick you !!
Entertain yourself playing this illusion game and ready to get confused !!!
This Super illusions game uses some tricky illusion images which can influence your mind and trick you !!!!

This game of optical illusions will make you see the world around you with other eyes.

Amazing right?

As simple using your phone, you can experience amazing and out of the box experience by using this app.

You see various types of illusion that trick your mind and eyes through this game application.

Great features:

The application is available in many languages, depending on the language you have activated in the operating system of your device.
Nice interface to attract your attention.
Compatible with any devices such as phones and tablets.
Instructions, warnings and advice inside the game.
Easy to use
Suitable for all range of age (kids with parents guidance, not recommended for someone that have illness or eyes problem)

Thanks for downloading Super Illusions, the game that will make you see the world around you in different ways for a few seconds.

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The application contains a brightly shimmering object.
You should not use the Illusion application if you are under 18, pregnant, prone to seizures or suffer from epilepsy or a mental illness.
Developer of this application accepts no liability for any adverse consequences that arise from using this Illusion game application.

By downloading this app you are agreeing to accept this disclaimer.
If you are unsure or do not agree to this disclaimer, do not download this application.

Thank you.

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