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Business Inventory was built essentially for my network marketing business or any small business that requires you to keep track of items and a record of clients, sales and inventory shipments. The main focus is on 3 things.

Top Features:
- Keep data backed up in the cloud!
- View/edit Inventory from multiple devices!
- Share Inventory lists with other Business Inventory users!
- Inventory Management
- Sale orders and history Management
- Loan and Borrow Tracker
- Import and Export Inventory using excel (.xls) file
- Fast search by name, id, or QR code scan
- Auto Sum: get total with taxes
- Stock View: view your inventory as you scroll through your available products.
- Client info management

Fast Transactions: Items loads instantly and it takes very little taps to create a new Sale, Delivery, etc.
Simple To Use: All you new to do is record your business transactions and I do all the inventory tracking for you.
The Best Visual Experience: All of the useful information you would need is THERE! and its with the best graphics too!

In a nutshell, it is a Quick way to check your product's price, manage your stock, and if you are in front of a client, give a total price with tax! Business Inventory automatically updates your inventory as you record your business's transactions.

For Small Businesses and Network Marketing business:
Load all your business's products on this app and use it to manage your business. All the Ins & Outs are stored in lists and you can see a history of the orders of you customers with a glimpse on this app. you can even show your customers a retail price while keeping your price hidden from their view.


1. Small business inventory keeping
Obviously you can make sales, but If you have items that you sell, loan, or borrow a lot you can organize them using sales lists. For example: In Network Marketing, products are always being sold or Loaned to different clients or Businesses this app tracks my clients, customers, prospects, and shipment providers and helps you me have an organized business.

2. Continuous Bar code Scanner
The continuous bar code scanner makes adding items REALLY Fast... Simply scan product after product to create a new sale or input a new delivery that just came in. I manage over 350 items for my multi level marketing business and the bar code scanner makes it easy to track all of them.

3. New Lists
Create a quick new list for any transaction, maybe you sold a product, or you loaned it to someone. Simply create a list and select the type and to whom it refers to. The manages all this for you, so you can go to your client and see all the items he bought from you or all of the items he owes you.

4. Clients
Create new clients, customer, providers, ect. all in one place and simply choose their type.

5. Inventory
Business Inventory automatically keeps track of the items you have in stock. All you need to do is tap to see the items you currently have.

6. Locations
You can manage locations by creating a new client and saving it as a location. You can later go to that location and see all of the items that location has

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